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  • Patalpinta: 2017-08-19 15:31
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      Guarantee of a successful future for you and your family is a competent long-term investment in the right, stable, reliable financial instruments. If you decided to get a high return on the growth of the exchange value of shares and the payments of annual dividends in subsequent years – take a look at the assets of gold mining and gold processing enterprises. Today it is a real alternative for saving and multiplying your funds in conditions of permanent inflation and currency fluctuations, stagnation in the real estate market and banking licenses. Only gold, which is at attractive investment levels in 2016, can be able to ensure the safety of investments and provide an opportunity to obtain stable long-term income with minimal risk for each investor.

      The company TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT provides a real way to save and increase the funds of private investors. We have developed a unique program of crowdinvesting for individuals with any level of initial capital. This is a 160$ microinvestment into a promising start-up and large investments (from $ 13,000) to the current business for the industrial extraction of gold and copper concentrate on the African continent. We know how to make money even in times of crisis and offer a new investment project for the extraction of gold and copper concentrate in Zambia (South Africa).

      Our company is registered in Hong Kong (special administrative region of China). The goal of the company is to provide convenient conditions for attracting private investments into a promising start-up and a real business of the raw materials segment in Zambia, which is engaged in the extraction and sale of gold ore and copper concentrate. The total cost of the project is $ 6,000,000. Since 2013, more than $ 1,5 million have been invested in exploration and geological work, obtaining licenses and permits. We own a plot of 750 square km with a high percentage of gold and copper.
      Company TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT offers private investors unique opportunities for personal capital growth:
      • Classic investments to increase own funds – capital growth within the bonus program, individual remuneration and payment of dividends for shares.
      • Referral program – getting bonuses for the attracting new investors within a mutually beneficial partnership agreement.
      All investors who have invested in TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT are interest holders of a highly profitable business in the extraction, processing and sale of gold ore and copper concentrate in world markets. It means, our investors receive a stack in the form of shares of a Gongong company that owns controlling stakes in gold mining and gold processing enterprises in Zambia.
      Our values
      • We provide the best opportunities for investing in the real sector of the economy in order to obtain a stable income.
      • We provide investment attractiveness of the company and increase of market capitalization.
      • We accept predictable investment solutions for the stable growth and prosperity of the company.
      • We always adhere to the classical principles of responsible investment high ethical standards.
      • We create investment instruments with high profitability and a limited level of risk.
      • We conduct an open, transparent dialogue with investors and shareholders of the company to form trust relations.
      • We respect the confidentiality of private investments and financial transactions.
      Our guarantees
      • We cooperate only with reliable enterprises of the commodity sector.
      • Our representatives are on the Board of Directors of gold mining companies.
      • Investors receive a stake in a company that owns a controlling stake in a gold mining company.
      • We have a free sale of the company’s shares to other members of the crowdinvesting program or a share buyback by the company itself.
      • Investments are invested in monetary gold (gold bars) and shares of enterprises engaged in the extraction and processing of gold ore and copper concentrate.
      Creating the project TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT, we have set ourselves the goal to teach each person to manage their ow
      n capital properly, to create a culture of universal financial literacy and to improve their own wealth through correct, long-term investments in the real sector of the economy.
      TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT means new opportunities for everyone who has decided to join financial investments and become a professional investor.

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